Indepth seo strategies

Today we are going to be talking to you about  some in-depth search engine optimization strategies that have to do with the back end of the website.

Back end strategies to rank your website

Private blog network-a private blog network is a network of expired domain blogs that you build up to point back to your money website. This can be a time-consuming and quite lengthy process as it takes a while to build up these blogs but this is the number one way to rank a website. You’re not going to rank a website with just on page seo. you’re going to have to do back end things to your website too.  What you have to do is go by high powered expired domains from certain sources are on the Internet. You can usually find a service that sells high-quality expired domains for a good price. A good expired domain is going to run in citation flow is on it. Typically I domain that has a Trustflow of 20 or higher is what you mainly want to look for. If it is less than you should not waste your money.  After you have picked up your domain you then want to go to (or any other domain registrar)  to purchase the actual domain itself so that you can set up the word press blog on it. Once you have purchased the actual domain, then you can set up the word press blog. All you do is you going to the cPanel of your hosting which you can do through go daddy as well and then set up the word press blog.  Now that the word press blog is set up you are ready to start writing the content. We recommend that you go to to find what the website was previously about so you know what to write about. You want to make sure that the new content on the website is similar to the content that was on before. Use the content that you put on your side to embed links into your posts with anchor text.  Anchor text can be anything from, “Pool demolition Dallas TX” to “Click Here,” depending on what your needs are.

Guest posting-a guest post is a post from a very high traffic and high powerful blog that somebody owns. This is from websites like, Bloomberg business, and If you get websites like this to link out to your  lead generation site, then it is going to rank very fast. Links from sites like this are a lot better than a private blog network because they get noticed faster in Google. At the end of the day a private blog network is going to hold more link power, but this will get you going out of the sandbox faster. To get a guest post you can go over to a  website where you can find freelance writers that have accounts to big sites with a lot of recognition. You will then pay them anywhere between 100 and $500 to get an article that is about your lead generation site. We recommend that you check out to find the right guest posting service.

These are the two types of search engine optimization strategies that are ultimately going to get you to the top of the first page in the market you’re trying to rank for. On page S EO is not going to work by itself. You’re going to need to enter twine these two methods as well to show up as the number one search result in Google. If you take the   these two strategies with what we have taught you and the last post, then you’re definitely going to rank on the top of Google in no time.



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