The basic fundamentals of Seo

Hey everybody and we are a blog that is all about website design and search engine optimization. In this blog we are going to be sharing posts with you just about those two subjects. We’re going to be teaching you how to build websites as well as how to get them ranked in the search engines. This is a very good skill to know because it is something that you can apply to make money. There are so many different things you can do if you know how to rank a website.  You can sell these services to business owners to do it for small business or you can go on a national level and tried to become an affiliate marketer or something like that. But let’s get right into it. Today we are going to be talking to you about the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization and what it is.

What is search engine optimization? 

 Search engine optimization is where you optimize a website to rank in the search engines for a search and search term. So for example, if somebody types in the term landscaper for a certain city in a certain state, your website in the area is going to be optimized for those search terms so that it is the first result that pops up.  When people look at that search term and find that your website is at the top, it is going to get traffic. You can take that traffic from there and sell it to business owners by the lead. It is very lucrative business and would definitely recommend that you take a piece of the pie.  The Internet is the biggest platform in the world right now so it is the most lucrative platform for advertising. And when you have a website that organically ranks for a search result you are getting free traffic. That is traffic that you do not have to pay Google for in their ad words department.  You could even take the skills that we are going to teach you and use them for your own websites. So say you have a blog and you’re trying to rank it, you can take these practices that we are going to teach you in the posts to come and then you can rank the website.

A couple of the basics of search engine optimization 

Now we are going to tell you about a couple things that you can implement right now on your website to start showing up higher in the search results.

Good content on your homepage-this is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to search engine optimization tricks. What Google is ultimately looking for is the site that is the most relevant to determine that the user is searching. So if somebody is searching for a landscaper in  Boston Massachusetts, then you want your website to be all about landscaping in Boston. You want to make sure that you have a lot of words on your site, preferably about 2000 or more. Most of the competition is only going to have about 1000 words on the website or less. So the more words you have the better. You want this to be structured content as well not just willy-nilly spun crap.  You want to content to make sense as if a professional writer wrote it.   Sure that you have good keyword optimization in there when you’re writing the content. So you will want to use words like landscaper Boston Massachusetts, Boston landscaping, landscaping Boston, and other search terms similar to that. Do you want to make sure that those search terms are in your title tags in bold so that when Google’s Crawler comes by, it notices that.

Here is a video explaining what search engine optimization or SEO is.

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