The best niches to go into for local SEO

In this post we are going to be talking to you guys about the best niches to go into when you are looking to build a website in rank it in a local market. Below we have comprise a list of the top niche is that we have chosen that we think you guys should go into.

The top local niches 

Lawyers-this is one of those niches that is extremely good to go into because it is very high ticket. This is not a niche that is going to have as high of a call volume as many others,  but the calls that come through are going to be ridiculously valuable. You could literally sell each phone call for more than $100 a call. Especially if you are in a market that does a lot of personal injury cases. Imagine how much a lead is worth to accompany if that lead is looking to have someone help fight their insurance company for them.  And lawyers pay a lot of money for marketing because they can make such a high profit off the leads they get in.  A great example hardwood floor refinishing birmingham al website is Rodgers Flooring!

General Contracting is another great niche to going to because it is high ticket just like personal injury. We think this niche is a little bit better then general contracting even because it is very high ticket but generate a lot more calls. This type of niche is going to  generate you a very large revenue. It’ll generate you about anywhere from $2000 a month and up. We have seen some people get clients as high as $15,000 a month after commissions. depending on the size of the city that is, you can expect to get anywhere from 50 to 300 calls a month and sometimes even higher.

Limousine-limousine is another one of those niches that is a very good one to going to because it is extremely high call volume. This is a niche that is going to get hundreds of calls per month if you are in a large city and you can sell that to any limo company for a flat fee. Since each limo job can generate a limo driver anywhere from  $200-$500 in profit  this is a service that they can afford. We recommend a snitch over anything else because it is very easy to end a client in. Something like roofing is a little bit harder to get a flat fee so we would recommend that you do commission. When you’re doing it on commission or price per call then    You will be waiting quite a long time before you are getting paid.

What local SEO is and why do you choose it as a business model over national

In this blog post today we are going to be telling you about what local search engine optimization is versus national. Let’s start by telling you what local search engine optimization is. It is much different from national in the sense that we are going for terms in service-based industries that are a lot less competitive to rain for the national times. A local  term will be something like car cleaning service in Palatine. That is much easier turn to rain for them say poker. It may not look like in the Google keyword planner that anybody searches for the service-based terms but a lot of people do actually. Think about it,  anybody  Who is looking for a plumber in Las Vegas Nevada is going to look at this term. Think of how many people need a plumbing service in Las Vegas. Considering that there are a couple million people in the Las Vegas Metro area, a few of these people are going to need a plumber.  This is a much better business model then trying to rank for national terms because you can capitalize a lot faster. Of course if you were to rank a website on the top of page 1 for the term poker which is worldwide, your website would make hundreds of millions of dollars but that is never going to happen. Those websites have been there for over 20 years and that is one of the most competitive terms on the Internet. No matter how many links you would ever imagine pointing to a site like that, you would never out rank it. A website that is on the top of that term probably has a top 50 for an Alexa ranking.

Obviously we are not telling me to go out and try to rank for the term poker. A lot of people say that if you’re trying to rain for national terms then you should go for very niche related topics that are associated around affiliate marketing. They say that you can make a lot of money and affiliate marketing if you go for high search term niche words that you can sell a product in. The problem with these is that you do not know if there is  A digital product that you can even sell on that search term. And you knows how many people are actually going to buy that product so it is much smarter to do local search engine optimization and sell your services to small business owners. For example, you could go into the roofing niche and sell phone calls to roofers for $100 a call because one phone call today and is worth a lot of money.  When you take it to this aspect then you are just a guy who connects people to other people and gets paid for it. And you were just using the influence of Google and what people are already searching for to make money. With so many people in one location, there are bound to be a number of those people looking to find some sort of service.  The best part about local search engine optimization is that there are so many different niches to choose from. These can be very bland niches to because you can out rank anybody on a local level if you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you went into the solar market for San Diego California which is one of the most competitive. If you had enough link Power and really had your SEO game down strong, then you could out rank in that competition. When you’re trying to find niches to go into on a national level you really have to do a bunch of research and it can be painstaking because you can run into dead ends and what niches to sell a product in. On a local level you could easily going to anything as simple as limo or roofing and make an absolute killing doing it.

that is the plus we have to share with you guys today and we hope that we were able to get our point across that creating a business ranking websites on a local level is much better than doing it on a national level.



Indepth seo strategies

Today we are going to be talking to you about  some in-depth search engine optimization strategies that have to do with the back end of the website.

Back end strategies to rank your website

Private blog network-a private blog network is a network of expired domain blogs that you build up to point back to your money website. This can be a time-consuming and quite lengthy process as it takes a while to build up these blogs but this is the number one way to rank a website. You’re not going to rank a website with just on page seo. you’re going to have to do back end things to your website too.  What you have to do is go by high powered expired domains from certain sources are on the Internet. You can usually find a service that sells high-quality expired domains for a good price. A good expired domain is going to run in citation flow is on it. Typically I domain that has a Trustflow of 20 or higher is what you mainly want to look for. If it is less than you should not waste your money.  After you have picked up your domain you then want to go to (or any other domain registrar)  to purchase the actual domain itself so that you can set up the word press blog on it. Once you have purchased the actual domain, then you can set up the word press blog. All you do is you going to the cPanel of your hosting which you can do through go daddy as well and then set up the word press blog.  Now that the word press blog is set up you are ready to start writing the content. We recommend that you go to to find what the website was previously about so you know what to write about. You want to make sure that the new content on the website is similar to the content that was on before. Use the content that you put on your side to embed links into your posts with anchor text.  Anchor text can be anything from, “Pool demolition Dallas TX” to “Click Here,” depending on what your needs are.

Guest posting-a guest post is a post from a very high traffic and high powerful blog that somebody owns. This is from websites like, Bloomberg business, and If you get websites like this to link out to your  lead generation site, then it is going to rank very fast. Links from sites like this are a lot better than a private blog network because they get noticed faster in Google. At the end of the day a private blog network is going to hold more link power, but this will get you going out of the sandbox faster. To get a guest post you can go over to a  website where you can find freelance writers that have accounts to big sites with a lot of recognition. You will then pay them anywhere between 100 and $500 to get an article that is about your lead generation site. We recommend that you check out to find the right guest posting service.

These are the two types of search engine optimization strategies that are ultimately going to get you to the top of the first page in the market you’re trying to rank for. On page S EO is not going to work by itself. You’re going to need to enter twine these two methods as well to show up as the number one search result in Google. If you take the   these two strategies with what we have taught you and the last post, then you’re definitely going to rank on the top of Google in no time.



The basic fundamentals of Seo

Hey everybody and we are a blog that is all about website design and search engine optimization. In this blog we are going to be sharing posts with you just about those two subjects. We’re going to be teaching you how to build websites as well as how to get them ranked in the search engines. This is a very good skill to know because it is something that you can apply to make money. There are so many different things you can do if you know how to rank a website.  You can sell these services to business owners to do it for small business or you can go on a national level and tried to become an affiliate marketer or something like that. But let’s get right into it. Today we are going to be talking to you about the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization and what it is.

What is search engine optimization? 

 Search engine optimization is where you optimize a website to rank in the search engines for a search and search term. So for example, if somebody types in the term landscaper for a certain city in a certain state, your website in the area is going to be optimized for those search terms so that it is the first result that pops up.  When people look at that search term and find that your website is at the top, it is going to get traffic. You can take that traffic from there and sell it to business owners by the lead. It is very lucrative business and would definitely recommend that you take a piece of the pie.  The Internet is the biggest platform in the world right now so it is the most lucrative platform for advertising. And when you have a website that organically ranks for a search result you are getting free traffic. That is traffic that you do not have to pay Google for in their ad words department.  You could even take the skills that we are going to teach you and use them for your own websites. So say you have a blog and you’re trying to rank it, you can take these practices that we are going to teach you in the posts to come and then you can rank the website.

A couple of the basics of search engine optimization 

Now we are going to tell you about a couple things that you can implement right now on your website to start showing up higher in the search results.

Good content on your homepage-this is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to search engine optimization tricks. What Google is ultimately looking for is the site that is the most relevant to determine that the user is searching. So if somebody is searching for a landscaper in  Boston Massachusetts, then you want your website to be all about landscaping in Boston. You want to make sure that you have a lot of words on your site, preferably about 2000 or more. Most of the competition is only going to have about 1000 words on the website or less. So the more words you have the better. You want this to be structured content as well not just willy-nilly spun crap.  You want to content to make sense as if a professional writer wrote it.   Sure that you have good keyword optimization in there when you’re writing the content. So you will want to use words like landscaper Boston Massachusetts, Boston landscaping, landscaping Boston, and other search terms similar to that. Do you want to make sure that those search terms are in your title tags in bold so that when Google’s Crawler comes by, it notices that.

Here is a video explaining what search engine optimization or SEO is.

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How to design a website

Now that in the last couple of articles we have taught you a little bit about search engine optimization, and in this post we are going to teach you about how you can build a website and the best way to do it.  You have probably heard in the past that the website is extremely hard to build because of all the coding you’ll have to learn and the college courses you will have to take to learn that. But these days the game has completely changed in the aspect that you do not have to be a genius coder anymore to build a sleek and sexy website.  He actually recommended that you go to a website building platform like a drag and drop sort of one to build your website now. For this we have a list of the best drag-and-drop website building platforms that we have chosen. These are not biased opinions on any of these just the cold hard facts and what we have decided from a lot of testing.

The top website building platforms

Weebly-this is probably the number one website building platform that we would recommend that you guys use because it is so easy to learn and very efficient in making websites. There is no other website building platform that is going to let you build a website as easy as we please going to. It’s a very simple interface as you go in and everything is pre-decided for you. There are already pre-chosen themes that you can pick and if you want to you can upload your own theme is well. We recommend that you just choose the ones they already have pre-decided for you though. This is going to save you a lot of time.  And if you want to you can upload your own theme as well. We recommend that you just choose the ones they already have predecided for you though. This is going to save you a lot of time.  The only downside about this one is that it has not as much customization as many of the other platforms. The most customization you’re ever going to get is if you know how to code website but weirdly gets the job done and the websites look very sleek and professional.  We would recommend this platform for anybody who is just starting out to learn the ropes and who is looking to get a lot of websites done in a short amount of time.

Square space-this is the next website building a platform that we are recommending for you guys. The only two that we would recommend is this one and Weebly. Just because that none of the others are really necessary because these ones do all of the other things that Those do.  Square space is a platform that we recommend for somebody that is looking for a website that has a little bit more customization then Weebly. What Weebly has that square space doesn’t know is that you will not be able to get websites done in and as efficient amount of time. It will take a bit longer with this one but the websites are going to look a little bit better when they come out as the final product.  With this building platform you can really do a lot with it. You can add all sorts of customization as square space uses an HTML5 precoded platform. So this is like you’re going in and coding your own website from scratch but you do not have to do the coding park. We recommend this platform for somebody that really hasn’t I for detail and design.  This is going to let you add videos into the backdrop and photo scrolling and things of that sort. On Weebly you cannot do things like that. So if you have a bigger website project and your client want something that is very unique and customized then we definitely recommend that you use square space for something like that.

Well that is what we have to share with you today and we definitely recommend that you go and check out these two website building platforms and learn how to build on them. We will be providing to YouTube videos in this section 1 on how to build a website on Weebly and one on how to build a website on square space.

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