What local SEO is and why do you choose it as a business model over national

In this blog post today we are going to be telling you about what local search engine optimization is versus national. Let’s start by telling you what local search engine optimization is. It is much different from national in the sense that we are going for terms in service-based industries that are a lot less competitive to rain for the national times. A local  term will be something like car cleaning service in Palatine. That is much easier turn to rain for them say poker. It may not look like in the Google keyword planner that anybody searches for the service-based terms but a lot of people do actually. Think about it,  anybody  Who is looking for a plumber in Las Vegas Nevada is going to look at this term. Think of how many people need a plumbing service in Las Vegas. Considering that there are a couple million people in the Las Vegas Metro area, a few of these people are going to need a plumber.  This is a much better business model then trying to rank for national terms because you can capitalize a lot faster. Of course if you were to rank a website on the top of page 1 for the term poker which is worldwide, your website would make hundreds of millions of dollars but that is never going to happen. Those websites have been there for over 20 years and that is one of the most competitive terms on the Internet. No matter how many links you would ever imagine pointing to a site like that, you would never out rank it. A website that is on the top of that term probably has a top 50 for an Alexa ranking.

Obviously we are not telling me to go out and try to rank for the term poker. A lot of people say that if you’re trying to rain for national terms then you should go for very niche related topics that are associated around affiliate marketing. They say that you can make a lot of money and affiliate marketing if you go for high search term niche words that you can sell a product in. The problem with these is that you do not know if there is  A digital product that you can even sell on that search term. And you knows how many people are actually going to buy that product so it is much smarter to do local search engine optimization and sell your services to small business owners. For example, you could go into the roofing niche and sell phone calls to roofers for $100 a call because one phone call today and is worth a lot of money.  When you take it to this aspect then you are just a guy who connects people to other people and gets paid for it. And you were just using the influence of Google and what people are already searching for to make money. With so many people in one location, there are bound to be a number of those people looking to find some sort of service.  The best part about local search engine optimization is that there are so many different niches to choose from. These can be very bland niches to because you can out rank anybody on a local level if you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you went into the solar market for San Diego California which is one of the most competitive. If you had enough link Power and really had your SEO game down strong, then you could out rank in that competition. When you’re trying to find niches to go into on a national level you really have to do a bunch of research and it can be painstaking because you can run into dead ends and what niches to sell a product in. On a local level you could easily going to anything as simple as limo or roofing and make an absolute killing doing it.

that is the plus we have to share with you guys today and we hope that we were able to get our point across that creating a business ranking websites on a local level is much better than doing it on a national level.



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