The best niches to go into for local SEO

In this post we are going to be talking to you guys about the best niches to go into when you are looking to build a website in rank it in a local market. Below we have comprise a list of the top niche is that we have chosen that we think you guys should go into.

The top local niches 

Lawyers-this is one of those niches that is extremely good to go into because it is very high ticket. This is not a niche that is going to have as high of a call volume as many others,  but the calls that come through are going to be ridiculously valuable. You could literally sell each phone call for more than $100 a call. Especially if you are in a market that does a lot of personal injury cases. Imagine how much a lead is worth to accompany if that lead is looking to have someone help fight their insurance company for them.  And lawyers pay a lot of money for marketing because they can make such a high profit off the leads they get in.  A great example hardwood floor refinishing birmingham al website is Rodgers Flooring!

General Contracting is another great niche to going to because it is high ticket just like personal injury. We think this niche is a little bit better then general contracting even because it is very high ticket but generate a lot more calls. This type of niche is going to  generate you a very large revenue. It’ll generate you about anywhere from $2000 a month and up. We have seen some people get clients as high as $15,000 a month after commissions. depending on the size of the city that is, you can expect to get anywhere from 50 to 300 calls a month and sometimes even higher.

Limousine-limousine is another one of those niches that is a very good one to going to because it is extremely high call volume. This is a niche that is going to get hundreds of calls per month if you are in a large city and you can sell that to any limo company for a flat fee. Since each limo job can generate a limo driver anywhere from  $200-$500 in profit  this is a service that they can afford. We recommend a snitch over anything else because it is very easy to end a client in. Something like roofing is a little bit harder to get a flat fee so we would recommend that you do commission. When you’re doing it on commission or price per call then    You will be waiting quite a long time before you are getting paid.

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