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Now that in the last couple of articles we have taught you a little bit about search engine optimization, and in this post we are going to teach you about how you can build a website and the best way to do it.  You have probably heard in the past that the website is extremely hard to build because of all the coding you’ll have to learn and the college courses you will have to take to learn that. But these days the game has completely changed in the aspect that you do not have to be a genius coder anymore to build a sleek and sexy website.  He actually recommended that you go to a website building platform like a drag and drop sort of one to build your website now. For this we have a list of the best drag-and-drop website building platforms that we have chosen. These are not biased opinions on any of these just the cold hard facts and what we have decided from a lot of testing.

The top website building platforms

Weebly-this is probably the number one website building platform that we would recommend that you guys use because it is so easy to learn and very efficient in making websites. There is no other website building platform that is going to let you build a website as easy as we please going to. It’s a very simple interface as you go in and everything is pre-decided for you. There are already pre-chosen themes that you can pick and if you want to you can upload your own theme is well. We recommend that you just choose the ones they already have pre-decided for you though. This is going to save you a lot of time.  And if you want to you can upload your own theme as well. We recommend that you just choose the ones they already have predecided for you though. This is going to save you a lot of time.  The only downside about this one is that it has not as much customization as many of the other platforms. The most customization you’re ever going to get is if you know how to code website but weirdly gets the job done and the websites look very sleek and professional.  We would recommend this platform for anybody who is just starting out to learn the ropes and who is looking to get a lot of websites done in a short amount of time.

Square space-this is the next website building a platform that we are recommending for you guys. The only two that we would recommend is this one and Weebly. Just because that none of the others are really necessary because these ones do all of the other things that Those do.  Square space is a platform that we recommend for somebody that is looking for a website that has a little bit more customization then Weebly. What Weebly has that square space doesn’t know is that you will not be able to get websites done in and as efficient amount of time. It will take a bit longer with this one but the websites are going to look a little bit better when they come out as the final product.  With this building platform you can really do a lot with it. You can add all sorts of customization as square space uses an HTML5 precoded platform. So this is like you’re going in and coding your own website from scratch but you do not have to do the coding park. We recommend this platform for somebody that really hasn’t I for detail and design.  This is going to let you add videos into the backdrop and photo scrolling and things of that sort. On Weebly you cannot do things like that. So if you have a bigger website project and your client want something that is very unique and customized then we definitely recommend that you use square space for something like that.

Well that is what we have to share with you today and we definitely recommend that you go and check out these two website building platforms and learn how to build on them. We will be providing to YouTube videos in this section 1 on how to build a website on Weebly and one on how to build a website on square space.

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